Karen is a state-wide candidate, anyone in Wisconsin who hasn't been told about her needs to be!

Each one of us needs to tell our circle of influence about Karen and her platform — whether it's at work, church, events, or recreational activities — whether it's by word of mouth, phone, text, email, or social media.

If you would like to hand out business cards for Karen that includes her website, please fill out the form. Whether it's 15 cards for a family gathering or Bible study or 150 for a special event, like parades, dairy breakfasts, gun shows, or classic car shows — we will coordinate getting the cards to you.

Please don't use ONLY social media to share about Karen. We are in a very real battle; and shadow banning is happening. Some of you may be de-platformed or sometimes your contacts will not be able to get to the website. It is essential you communicate who Karen is and why she's running in-person, grassroots style, to be sure your friends and family know to vote for Karen on August 9th.

  • Join us in wearing our team's colors and buy a two-sided t-shirt to promote Karen.
  • Display a yard sign! We are also seeking those with an interstate or highway location for large 4' x 8' corrugated signs. Trafficked county highways and town squares would also be a great location for these signs. Please let us know, and someone will be in contact with you shortly. (A donation per sign would be appreciated to help enable the purchase of the next sign order.)
  • Organize a speaking opportunity or fundraiser for Karen.
  • Locate donors to help Karen's campaign. If you have contacts from in or out of state that want to financially support Freedom Candidates, they couldn't do better than Karen! See bottom of this page for donation information. Every donation counts, whether large or small. As Karen says, "This campaign only continues because of grassroots support and answered prayers."

Absentee ballots were mailed June 23. Early voting for this primary starts July 26, so any self-motivated door knocking or phone calling to Get Out the Vote you can do now would be very much appreciated! Remind your circle of influence (churches, clubs, other organizations in which you belong) to vote for Karen August 9.

Onward, for We the People!

Tell us how you would like to help.

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